Seamless Workflow between KeyFlow Pro and Final Cut Pro X

Introducing FCPX Agent for KeyFlow Pro.
Featuring an easy-to-use, FCPX Agent has been engineered to help your editing workflow between KeyFlow Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

The previous version of FCPX Agent can be last updated to here.

One-click Installation

Installing FCPX Agent plugin and setting up has never been easier.

  • 1.
    Download the ‘FCPX Agent’ from above link.
    Double-click the FCPX Agent.dmg file and simply drag & drop the ‘FCPX Agent’ icon into your Applications folder to install.
    Open Final Cut Pro X and in the menu bar choose File > Share > Add Destination, then drag the ‘Export File’ from the area on the right to the Destinations list on the left (or double-click the ‘Export File’ on the right). So the ‘Export File’ option appears selected in the list on the left.
  • 4.
    Choose the ‘Export File’ you added in the Destinations list, select a ‘Open with’ and click ‘Other…’ , select the ‘FCPX Agent for KeyFlow Pro’ in the Applications and then click ‘Open’.
  • 5.
    To type a rename, you can double-click the ‘Export File’ in the Destinations list. As you customize the destination name, your changes are saved automatically. (ex. Send to KeyFlow Pro)
  • After editing in timeline, you can export individual clips or an entire timeline directly from FCPX Agent within Final Cut Pro X. Click the ‘Share’ button on the right end of the toolbar, and then select the ‘Send to KeyFlow Pro’. For more information, see Quick User Guide.