Store, Sort and Share Like a Pro

KeyFlow Pro. A simple, elegant and surprisingly powerful media manager built for everyone. Edit, store, play, share, search, mark, tag, encode, upload and more with KeyFlow Pro.

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Designed for You and Your Team

  • KeyFlow Pro delivers powerful asset management and functionality at a reasonable price. Today’s users generate more video, audio, pictures, and project files than ever before. These files represent lifetimes of work and memories users can’t afford to lose. Whether it’s on a laptop, thumb drive, or even a large server array, KeyFlow Pro can keep the files that matter most online, searchable, and easily sharable.

  • KeyFlow Pro makes media tagging, organizing and searching simple and fun. It’s an indispensable part of our workflow for editors, designers, and now with annotations even writers. The collaborative features that have been added in the past year are fantastic. We can’t wait to see what upgrades will be added next.

    - John Davidson @ MagicFeatherInc
  • Organization, simplified.

    When building a new library, KeyFlow Pro analyzes files across selectable local and external drives to build a single catalogued library file. KeyFlow Pro can manage all of your media files at the Finder level inside this library file or simply leave them where they are. Your current folder structure remains unchanged and you always have full access with complete control.

  • Easy Media Collaboration

    KeyFlow Pro can operate as a server or client - or both. Starting with the 1.7 update, up to 5 client users can connect to the server simultaneously with more user licenses available through In-App Purchases. Client users can search, preview, download, upload, annotate and edit metadata on the server library. Users can quickly switch between shared or server libraries anytime, making KeyFlow Pro the perfect solution for media management on a local network.

  • Integrated with FCPX

    KeyFlow Pro operates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro X. Add Finder tags, marker annotations, keyword annotations, assign roles, log notes, scenes, reels, takes and more to files in the KeyFlow Pro Library. To import this metadata into FCPX, select the metadata edited files and “Send to Final Cut Pro X”. The free FCPX Agent export plugin can then return clip or timeline metadata edits back to KeyFlow Pro.

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Key Features

  • All Media Types

    Work with a wide variety of file types including package, font and compressed files. Media files can be stored in the KeyFlow Pro library in their original formats, always at your fingertips.

    Import Options

    You can ‘Copy to Library’ or ‘Leave Files in Place’. This option lets you to use existing devices as is, keeping your current folder structure intact.
  • Preview Video

    Create H.264 preview files of all media for faster local network screening. Unlock many other types of media codecs by installing FFMpeg.

    Advanced Search

    Supports various advanced search options such as Boolean Search, Annotation Search, Location Search, Metadata Search, and Path Name in Source Location.
  • Annotations

    Add markers, keywords and ranged keywords on files destined for edit. Take your team’s collaboration to new levels with some users tagging files while others can ingest and transcribe.

    XML Support

    Supports various XML options such as Send to Final Cut Pro X (or Final Cut Pro 7), Export Final Cut Pro X XML (or Final Cut Pro 7 XML) and Export XML for Premiere.
  • Share Libraries

    Share libraries so client users can search, preview, upload and download media as well as edit metadata on shared libraries.

    Remote Upload

    Client users can upload media with ‘Copy to library’ or ‘Leave files in place.’ In 1.7, libraries ‘remember’ the previous store-to location of every project and group.
  • Watcher

    Automatically import files to specific projects in KeyFlow Pro Library using Watch Folders. Also you can set workflow for media imported from Watch Folder.

    Drag & Drop

    Drag & Drop media files from KeyFlow Pro to other applications such as, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Keynote, etc. This will provide seamless workflow that allows you to edit your media files.
  • User-Defined Workflow

    You can assign automated workflows like batch transcode, ftp upload, auto-tag new files and more to specific projects. You can even run a unique workflow whenever needed.

    Custom Metadata Set

    Configure custom metadata sets with industry standard metadata fields, including user-defined metadata fields easily. Those metadata fields can be set as searchable selectively.
  • Camera Auto-Detection

    Connect your camera to KeyFlow Pro and it automatically appears, allowing you to search and import any files to KeyFlow Pro as needed. KeyFlow can even store all geolocations associated with your files and show them on a map.

    FCPX Agent (Optional)

    From Final Cut Pro X,export a single clip or an entire timeline directly to KeyFlow Pro using our FCPX Agent plugin. You can export either ‘QuickTime Movies & FCPXML’ or ‘FCPXML only’. All keywords that you enter in Final Cut Pro X, will appear as tags in KeyFlow Pro and Finder.
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