MAM for the rest of us

KeyFlow Pro is a simple, but powerful media asset management app for single user and small workgroup. KeyFlow Pro keeps all your assets online, searchable, editable, and easily sharable.
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Designed for You

  • KeyFlow Pro is the first MAM app on the App Store. KeyFlow Pro delivers extensive asset management and functionality at a reasonable price. Creative professionals generate massive amounts of media. From Video and audio to image and project files, files of all types need to be managed efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you’re using one large storage volume or several external hard drives, KeyFlow Pro keeps all your assets online, searchable, and easily sharable.

  • Organization, simplified.

    KeyFlow Pro is an efficient management tool that collects all media files across local and external drives into a single managed library package. It no longer matters where your media is stored. Whether you bring all your files directly into the managed library (Copy to library), or simply leave them in place (Leave files in place). KeyFlow Pro gives you full access and control.

  • Share Libraries
    with Your Coworkers

    KeyFlow Pro allows you to quickly and safely share your library with coworkers via user access control. Regardless of your network environment, KeyFlow Pro works with a wide variety of network connections. Connect to shared libraries over Bonjour, LAN, VPN and Wi-Fi connections to search and preview media, as well as upload media into shared library and edit metadata of the media. Quickly switch between shared libraries anytime.

  • Integration
    with Final Cut Pro X

    KeyFlow Pro provides seamless workflow with Final Cut Pro X. In KeyFlow Pro, you can send the media including tags, annotations(markers and keywords) to Final Cut Pro X. Then, you can export a single clip or an entire timeline directly into KeyFlow Pro using FCPX Agent(optional) in Final Cut Pro X. The tags input during an export in Final Cut Pro X can also be written in KeyFlow Pro and OS X system, Finder.

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Key Features

  • All Media Types

    Supports video, audio, image, documents and extras. (incl. Keynote, Pages, Numbers and iBooks files) All your media files are stored in KeyFlow Pro library in their original formats.

    Selectable Import Options

    You can choose between the ‘Copy to Library’ or ‘Leave files in Place’ option. The advantage is that the ‘Leave Files in Place’ option enables you to use existing devices as it is.
  • Proxy Movies

    Supports the fastest H.264 clip creation for preview (transcoder embedded). You can quickly preview even the Hi-Res video files, offline files, and network files on shared other user’s library. In order to support MXF, currently, you also have an option to add 3rd-party (FFmpeg) encoder in the Preferences.


    Supports add markers and keywords(with duration) into a video asset for collaboration with coworkers. It is fully integrated with Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut Pro X reads and displays this annotation info(markers and keywords) that were imported from KeyFlow Pro.
  • XML Support

    Supports Send to Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro 7 directly from KeyFlow Pro. Also, Export Final Cut Pro X XML, Final Cut Pro 7 XML and XML for Premiere are supported.

    Share Libraries

    Supports share library with your coworkers. Coworkers can search, preview and download media on shared library, as well as upload their media into shared library and edit metadata of the media.
  • Finder Tags Integration

    When importing files from Finder, existing Tags will be moved to KeyFlow Pro and vice versa. If you enter the Tags when exporting the clips using FCPX Agent within Final Cut Pro X, you will be able to see the same Tags in the KeyFlow Pro and Finder info.

    Drag & Drop

    Drag & Drop media files from KeyFlow Pro to other applications, such as, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Keynote, etc. This will provide seamless workflow that allows you to edit your media files at your convenience.
  • User-Defined Workflow

    You can assign workflows to specific project(automated job process), or apply a workflow to the asset selected anytime. Using Watch folder, automatically import files to specified projects in KeyFlow Pro library, and execute the workflow as you set. (supports transcoding, file transfer, tagging, etc)

    Custom Metadata Set

    Supports the industrial standard and user-defined metadata set (EXIF and FCP X metadata set supported by default). You can configure custom metadata set with user-defined metadata field easily. User-defined metadata field can be set as searchable or not selectively.
  • Camera Device

    If you connect your camera device (e.g., iOS devices) to KeyFlow Pro, it will automatically appear and media files are shown in KeyFlow Pro. When importing media files that location information is available, KeyFlow Pro gets and stores that information into the database automatically.

    FCPX Agent
    for KeyFlow Pro (Optional)

    Inside Final Cut Pro X, you can export a single clip or an entire timeline directly using FCPX Agent we provide separately. You can export either ‘QuickTime Movie & FCPXML’ or ‘FCPXML only’. All keywords that you entered in Final Cut Pro X, will appear as the tags in the KeyFlow Pro and the Finder.
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